Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Morfa Mud and More

zip line and high ropes

Pretty impressive heights for the children to get to. The high ropes course is especially hard.
Very pleased with all of the pupils.

More Wednesday Morning


All present and correct. Wet and windy conditions, but enough of the dormitories for now although they look like the aftermath of the Primark January sales.

The much anticipated Mud Assault Course is first this morning. It has been 'revamped' since the last time I was here. It looks suitably muddy as ever though. Will be exceptional chaos.

Fwd: Picture from Morfa Bay

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Welcome to our Blog

We're off to Morfa Bay!

First Day
Very quiet, almost suspiciously so, trip to N=Morfa Bay. Had our lunch in a bit of a hurry, before it was time for activities.
Mountain Biking, Zip Wire and Climbing. All children had a go, and all were a success.
Bit of a brea for 5 minutes, then second activity - Boogie Boarding at the sea.

Took about 1 hour to get all the kids into the wetsuits. Driven to the beach, where some surfing was done. Perishing cold, so on balance I think 35 minutes in the sea was enough.

Quick evening meal (delicious) and a walk to the beach in the dark again. Big long hill - at the bottom a promise of the chance to buy an ice cream. Which was well received.
Just had lights out and it seems all well quiet. Some 'cherry knocking' own another school's dormitory but nothing we can't handle.

All asleep now.
Tomorrow then, and the Mud Assault Course is first....